A unicorn cake made easy

My beautiful niece Anny, (Same name as auntie!) turned 4 this past December. It was a unicorn themed party and although, my sis did say to keep the cake simple because I tend to sometimes go overboard, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task. I looked online for inspiration and saw hundreds of photos of unicorn cakes– none that seemed easy, until I came across a cake I saw on Pinterest by Hayley. I really loved her intricate designs, especially on the side of the cake and the top of the cake seemed easy enough for me to draw on.

I went to Target, to gather a few of the materials when I found a unicorn figurine for $1.00. It just made things easier for me because all I had to do was place the figurine on top of the cake. Although, I kept the decorations simple, this cake was time consuming! The rainbow was done with assorted colored chocolate chips also from Target. The hardest part was sorting the chips by color and then meticulously placing them on the cake.

It resulted in a beautiful and very delicious cake but I learned my lesson, sort chips way ahead of time. Here are some pics!



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